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If you are a Company and you have a requirement of a new headquarter or addictional spaces for offices, logistic, industrial or retail, we can help you in finding them, quickly and with features really responding to your needs.

What we can do for you

Our advisers can suggest you the best strategy for the acquisition of new spaces, supporting you in the cost analysis. This detailed analysis will help you for each location and consider, besides the pure rent costs, also maintenance costs, moving and fitting costs, handling also a significant negotiation with the landlord.
We will also help you in the negotiation of the existing contracts, in the release of the space in surplus or to put it in the market.

How do we work for you

In a total partnership spirit, we operate in the market as representatives of your Company. After a first analysis step, important to know the culture and requirements different for each Company, we help you in defining the goals of the research.
Our experience and the know-how of real estate market and its logic will be at your disposal as store of knowledge of your Company. You will be in the position to manage profitable deals, obtaining the best solution in a very short time.
A Project Manager will coordinate all activities related to:

  • Analysis, organisation and strategy
  • Premises valuation
  • Building acquisition or release
  • Consolidation or relocation

Office culture

Target knows very well the requirements of International Companies in the acquisition of a new office and use all its experience and know how, providing the culture of the “good” office as “effective” and “efficient”, helping in re leasing the best practices of a pleasant and productive work environment, at the same level of the best International standards

In 2011, for the first time in Italy, Target RE has organised the conference World Office Forum, which is a primary International organisation dedicated to all aspects of the world “office”.